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Nordmann Fir

Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree species in Europe and is gaining in popularity in the US. Nordmann fir has glossy, dark green needles. The Nordmann is darker than almost any other fir and has excellent needle retention. The Nordmann fir is layered with sturdy branches. Great for displaying ornaments. Nordmann fir has almost no fragrance.

Douglas Fir

Douglas-fir has a long tradition as a Christmas tree and is one of the most popular Christmas tree types. Douglas-fir is a dense tree with soft, light green needles. Douglas has a Christmas tree aroma. The branches are not as stiff as other trees, the Douglas-fir is best decorated with light-weight ornaments. Douglas-fir is good choice for budget-conscious consumers

Grand Fir

The Grand fir is a dense elegant tree with glossy foliage. The needles of grand fir are very distinctive. The flat needles are long and dark green. Grand Fir branches create an almost feather-like appearance. Grand fir maintains a characteristic fresh-cut scent.

Fraser Fir

Fraser fir continues to increase in popularity for good reason. Fraser fir has blue-green needles with silvery undersides. The branches are stiff and hold up well to ornaments. The trees have a please holiday aroma.

Grand Fir

Grand fir is an elegant tree with dense, glossy foliage. The needles of grand fir are very distinctive. They are long, dark green, and occur in a flattened arrangement in two well-defined rows: creating an almost feather-like appearance. Grand fir has a fresh-cut scent.

Noble Fir

Noble fir is a stately Christmas tree featuring short, blue-green needles. Noble fir has stiff branches and an attractive form, making it a good tree for heavy ornaments. It has among the best needle retention of all Christmas tree specie. Noble fir is one of the most popular species for Christmas trees
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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent Christmas tree questions and answers

Do you Flock Christmas Trees ?

Yes, We flock Christmas Trees a lot. Valley View Christmas Trees can apply flock to your fresh cut tree for a winter wonderland vibe. Flocked trees are left overnight to dry and picked up the next day(need time to dry).

Types of Real Christmas Trees ?

  1. Douglas Fir
  2. .Nordmann Fir
  3. Grand Fir
  4. Noble Fir
  5. Fraser Fir

Do you Delivery Christmas Trees in San Diego?

Yes, best Christmas Tree Delivery in San Diego and surrounding areas. Moreover, Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are delivered right to your door! Specializing in hassle-free Holidays. Let us do the heavy lifting. Valley View Christmas Trees is San Diego Premiere Christmas Tree Delivery service.

What are the sizes of your Christmas Trees ?

Our Oregon fresh Christmas Trees range from 1′ – 16′. The taller ones tend to sell out earlier in the season.

How does flocking work?

Flocking is the technique of creating a texture on a Christmas Tree that gives it that natural, snow-covered look by applying a color (Usually white), powdery mixture to the branches.
Flocking is made from cellulose or cotton fibers, water, and spray adhesive. It comes in a variety of colors, and often has a sparkly material that can be mixed in to give it a more snow-like appearance.
You will notice some messiness when you take them out at the end of Christmas, and likely you’ll have some shedding as you put the lights on the tree.

Donations ?

Yes, We donate Trees to non-profits and individuals. We ask that request be submitted by November 12. Email us at ValleyViewChristmas Trees@gmail.comm

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