Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir has has a warm and homey atmosphere when decorated with Christmas lights and your family ornaments. The needles are dark green or blue green and soft to the touch and radiate out in all directions from the branch.It is an excellent choice if you enjoy walking into your home and having the wonderful fresh pine “Christmas” aroma greet you.

Christmas Aroma

  If you grew up with the tradition of having a fresh  Christmas tree during the holidays, it’s most likely that  your family had a Douglas Fir, is the ideal family Christmas  tree that never disappoints.


The needles radiate in all directions from the branch. The needles have a sweet fragrance. They are one of the top Christmas trees in the U.S since the 30’s. Highly prized as Christmas trees. The branches are strong, making it great for Christmas tree ornaments.

If you pick the Douglas, you know you’ll be welcoming in a long-standing Christmas tree favorite.

Douglas Tree Branch


  • Super easy to find, most common Christmas tree.
  • Beautiful light needles that are soft to the touch and sweetly scented;
  • Very affordable.
  • Rarely drops needles (unless it runs out of water)


  • Can’t hold heavy ornaments well.
  • A shorter, more compact tree.

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