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Tempe’s Best Christmas Tree Lot has the best Christmas Trees. While some tree lots tend to run out of Christmas trees early on in the season, this is never the case when it comes to us. With hundreds of Trees. Large collection Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Nordmand Fir and Grand Fir and more. Chose the perfect Christmas tree should be an easy.


Get your Christmas tree delivered to your hone or office. Quick and convenient. Choose your delivery date based on your schedule, so you can be home to receive your hand-picked and high-quality Christmas tree.
We know that the holidays can be a stressful and busy time, so we strive to provide an easy, convenient, and uncomplicated experience to deliver a fresh-cut and live Christmas tree to your door.

Christmas Time

After months and months of waiting, it is socially acceptable to deck the halls of holly, dream of a white Christmas and sing about our love of Christmas trees. Looking for a special kind of tree this year? You’re in luck! At Valley View Chrismtas Trees in Chandler, they have hundreds trees that vary in species, size and shape. The trees are selected by you, though the staff will give you guidance over which trees will be the best pick.

Wow!!! So many gorgeous trees at a really fair price. We have been buying trees from the same lot for over a decade and this year was just different...very dry and very expensive with rude management. With a quick Google search we found this lot and were blown away...amazing trees with fair pricing and extraordinary servic

Rio D.

Christmas Type

Still have question check our decriptions of the different types of trees that are perfect the holiday season.

Take a peek at Christmas Tree Farm.

Frequently Asked Questions
Most frequent questions and answers.

Where Do Christmas Trees Come From ?

 All of our precut trees come from  Christmas tree  farms in Oregon. The trees take 8 to 15 years to grow. The trees are harvested a couple days before they arrive at our lot. Unlike,  Home D??. who harvest there trees weeks before shipping to there stores.

Do You Flock Christmas Trees ?

What Exactly is Christmas Tree Flockingflocking means attaching tiny fibers to a surface to create texture (the process is also used in fashion, home decor, and crafts). Flocking your tree is a great way to get your white Christmas  fix no matter what mother nature has in store.  The lot offers Real trees flocked in a variety of colors from White to Black to Pastel Pink or Deep Purple. 

Do You Flock Diffrent Colors?

Color Flocking of Xmas Trees can be a real joy. We can create any color of flock. We have more colors than you ever seen at any Christmas Tree Lot before.  Flocking can be done in purple, pink, periwinkle blue, yellow, mint green, maroon, even black trees. Feel the seasonal spirit like never before.

You can pick your tree from our tent displays  or can place an order.  You choice the colors and style.

Do you recycle Christmas Trees ?

When Christmas ends and the trees dries up Queen Creek residents  can  recycle your Christmas tree with the city.  Christmas tree recycle locations in Queen Creek can be found  on the City Website.

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