Christmas Tree Flocking

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Flocked Christmas Trees

Christmas tree Flocking is popular with people desiring the look of fresh snow on their trees. We can turn your basic evergreen Christmas tree into a winter wonderland with  flock. We also offer color flocking.

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Color Flocked Christmas Tree
Flocking tree can be in any color. Just ask.

 If for any reason some flock has fallen on your carpet, tile or any other surfaces it can be easily vacuumed without the fair of staining your floor.  Flocked trees can be decorated like any other tree, with the white snow providing an exquisite canvas for colorful ornaments.

We do flocking.

  • Any Color (White, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple etc.)
  • Light, Medium and Heavy Flocking Available
  • Add Glitter
  • Pick your own tree or let us pick it for you!

What is Christmas tree flocking?

Flocking your tree is the perfect way to get your snow covered Christmas tree fix no matter the weather condition. Flocking refers to a  powder that us used to achieve the look of a Christmas tree with snow indoors. Flocking  can be done in any color.